Man, Oh Man

No way Hillary Clinton is going to quit now. With a big win in Ohio and a 4 point victory in Texas she's found a second wind, enough to stay at her back through the convention. Only 90 delegates separate Clinton and Obama. The fight will be for the "super" delegates--the undemocratic, insider power core of the Democratic Party. How nasty will this thing get? Where are the Dems going to get the money to take on McCain and the GOP "independent" 527s and PACs in the Fall? The Dems have already burned about $500 million just fighting among themselves. Will they be united, or will open sores fester, particularly for black Democrats if Obama gets shoved aside in a floor fight? Will Nader sweep up the disaffected lefties and punish the Democratic nominee in strategic states, especially if the Dem nominee is a person who supported conquering Iraq? Could the GOP actually hang on to the White House after Bush's eight disastrous years?

Man, oh, man. Didja ever see anything like this?