Wild Political Prediction

Asleep? Praying?
Asleep? Praying?

2 a.m.—Village Inn—some friends and I are chewing through greasy chicken fingers and the election. One of them worked hard for the DNC during the Kerry-Bush race and found himself curled up inside a bottle of something or other for a few days after Kerry lost.

Why all the background? I'm trying to set the stage of the circumstances that birthed this bizarre premonition. I'll add that we all find ourselves at VI at 2 a.m. on a Saturday at some point, and it's not because of the chicken fingers.

Said friends bade me put our fortune telling in writing, just in case it comes true. Then we can all share a horrified laugh and--we'll need it--another beer.

We predict McCain will be born again, as a Christian,. This is the important part: He'll do it over the course of the election.

As you know, McCain's private about his religion. Too private for those voters to whom it matters. That could help his image, tarnished by his career-motivated divorce, or that time he may have been sleeping with a lobbyist.

Do I care who the candidate is married to or why? No. But people who care about things like McCain's religion do. And can you imagine a stronger move than being born again to light a fire under the extreme religious right, the people who helped put Bush in office two times? (Or maybe they didn't, depending how you feel about voting machines).

Could have been the chicken fingers talking.