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Gov grants Roadrunner Day

Roadrunner Lady meets the Gov!
Roadrunner Lady meets the Gov!

Today, with my daughter in tow, I headed off to Rio Rancho City Hall for Governor Richardson's open office hours. There was a moderate amount of city folks waiting in line for a 5 minute audience with Mr. Gov. I showed up to present the Gov a gift of one of my Roadrunner Project prints and ask him for a day during the legislature to celebrate our fabulous state bird. Being #25 in line, what started out as five minutes with Richardson became two.

When my turn came I asked for a roadrunner day during an upcoming session (this will take place next February when roadrunners start the mating season), more use of the roadrunner in tourism and support for a roadrunner educational center. He granted the first two and accepted my gift.

My daughter, on the other hand, ask for the Gov to abolish homework. I hear her interview is going to run tonight on KRQE News 13.