Review Roundup

Myth, Space, Place, Madness and Love

We read because we want it all

Here at the Alibi, we actually make time to read. And then we tell you what we honestly think. You don’t find that kind of dedication everywhere, folks. Here are some of the books we’ve talked about lately.

Alibi Managing/Music Editor Samantha Anne Carrillo imagines that Wilderness author and Handsome Family lyricist Rennie Sparks “sits at a bloodwood spinning wheel, weaving personal animus and entomological, historical and cultural facts with folk tales, myth and eldritch events.”

See Rennie Sparks on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at Bookworks.

Abaddon’s Gate begins with a teen who “builds himself a spaceship and attempts to slingshot himself into space and through an alien artifact known as the Ring,” says Jyllian Roach—and then it all starts to get very complex.

See authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing as James. S.A. Corey) on Thursday, Aug. 22 at Alamosa Books.

The Block Capitan’s Daughter “is often like Albuquerque itself: ringing with beautiful language, finding humor in dark places and, above all, honoring the multiple voices inhabiting any place,” according to Nora Hickey.

Suzanne Buck describes Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness as “a terrifyingly real glimpse into a young woman’s struggle with a mysterious illness that threatens to obliterate her physical, mental and emotional health.”

“A fictionalized retelling of the final years of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the famed pilot, thrill seeker and French novelist,” says Jeremy Shattuck, “Studio Saint-Ex seductively weaves 1940s fashion with wartime romance and poetic prose.”