Taos Lightning, Nymphs du Prairie & the Necktie Social

Exploring The Lonesome Trail of Western Slang

It has been my pleasure to conduct some amateur research
into the world of western slang. So many dysfunctional western legends originate with booze. Still true today. Phrases like "apple jack," "bottled courage" and "Taos Lightning" describe liquor products of the past.

Sex may follow the Booze. Usually the brothel was located upstairs, similar to the luxury hotel downtown. Prostitutes were known as "calico queens," "nannys," or "Nymphs du Prairie " A group of "painted ladies" being delivered by horse&wagon along the cattle trail was called a "cat wagon." ...hence the origin of the phrase "them Cowboys got lucky!" -referring to the mobile sex service.

The wild west … where people worked hard and played harder. The players were cowboys, cooks, lawmen, marms & muleskinners.
"lappers" [drinkers] gathered at the "lush crib" [bar]
Sometimes order was maintained by them "barking irons" [pistols] … Ya Reckon?

There were also some unfortunate cases where matters couldn't be settled in a civil manner. Sometimes a violent incident met a violent ending and the presumed guilty party may find themselves hanging from a "leafless tree" This would be a court ordered execution.

But there were more unofficial lynchings than sanctioned hangings.

This is where my story ends. My great great great grand-pappy diXieDeer II was the featured guest of a "necktie social." I am still scarred today. [see foto]