Never Wash Dishes Again

We want to Wash your DISHES

For busy Professionals that Don't have
Time to Wash Dishes !

Introducing magicPLATE
-- powered by CLEANdish Industries.

* You will receive 10 stainless steel plates per week
* You will receive 15 stainless steel forks, knives, spoons per week
* You will receive 10 stainless steel cups per week
* You will receive a 5 gallon bucket with our patented ecoFRIENDLY detergent

You pay ONLY $27.99 per week.

After your meal just toss your dirty plates/forks/cups in the EnviroCLEAN Dish-Bucket.

Once per week we pick up your used dishes and issue you with a complete new set of sterilized plates, utensils & cups.

Using our ecoGREEN-friendly courierBikes,We take everything back to the DISHplant and run the plates and utensils through our
Commercial Grade Dishwasher. This SAVES the planet MILLIONS of GALLONS of precious water

Save the Environment. Because we are Running many items through ONE WASH CYCLE using our ecoGREEN Commercial Grade
Washer. HELP us SAVE WATER. Save Energy. Save Time.

Sign up NOW. You Stimulate the ECONOMY by providing GREEN jobs for our energetic work force. WE ARE an EMPLOYEE-OWNED Co-op. Legal status : 510(c)(3)

Limited Service Area

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