Video Games

Touch Your Video Games

"I think back to the ’20s when people saw movies for the first time. It's something most people don't even really envision can exist. When you touch something and you can actually feel it and it's physical even though it's virtual ... "

That's Tom Anderson speaking, CEO of Novint, a local company that makes haptic video game controllers and sells them around the planet. Haptics are to our sense of touch what graphics are to our sense of sight, he explained.

The device went from costing tens of thousands in the '90s to about $15,000 in 2000. It was only in the last couple of years after a worldwide search that Novint was able to make one for about $180. Read the full profile here.

The Falcon, as the game controller is called, works with about 50 games right now, including the Orange Box releases. Soon, with the advent of a product called F-Gen, the device will work with any game right out of the box, Anderson says.