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South Korea Rocked By StarCraft Cheats

Even though it's 12 years old, Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft is still one of the most popular competitive online games today. A big part of that success is due to its reception in South Korea. StarCraft has sold nearly 10 million copies since release, and 4.5 million+ of those were sold in South Korea. Over the years, South Korea's competitive StarCraft tournaments have evolved into a bonafide electronic sports industry, boasting millions of viewers and extensive corporate sponsorship for teams.

All of that could come to a screeching halt, though, since it was announced last week that widespread game fixing by illegal gambling profiteers has been rampant in e-sports since 2006. There is even some indication that tournament promoters were aware of the issue, but kept quiet, not knowing how to handle the situation. Several players have been implicated, including some of the most revered of all time. This is doubly bad news for Blizzard's upcoming StarCraft 2, which was hit with an adults only rating by South Korea's Games Rating Board just last week. Blizzard has stated they intend to fight the rating.