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StarCraft II Released Today

I think he's squinting from the smoke.

When you hear that a game has been in development for a very long time, it often spells doom, or at the very least mediocrity, for the title. Just look at games like Duke Nukem Forever, which was a disaster for several studios, and after 13 years of perpetual development it's still not out, or Too Human, which was announced during 3 separate console generations before it was finally released on the Xbox 360 to a resounding indifference. Way over at the other end of the spectrum, though, sits StarCraft II, the exception that proves the rule. Unlike most other developers, Blizzard is such a hugely profitable company that it can actually afford to keep a game in an extended development cycle, and today's release is the culmination of at least 7 years' work. I've known this for a while now, but I'm still a bit stunned they did that (mostly) on purpose. Here's to hoping it'll be as awesome as they clearly want it to be, and check below for extra tidbits about the game.

Collector's Edition unboxing!

Some pretty nice StarCraft II toys.

Overview of and the single-player campaign.

Known issues, and a good "what if it won't start" article.

A daisy chain of StarCraft races/building/crafts modeled in Spore's creature creator.

StarCraft II, the airplane.

Here's some advice on keeping your shiny new account from getting hacked.

The game also ships with a very in-depth editor, which is a development environment in its own right. It can be pushed so far as to create games like Tetris, cart racers, or even bullet-hell shooters. Obsoive.

And, of course, you can already torrent the game at your convenience.