Video Games

This Week In Games 8.8.10

Please, Guillermo, make it a Pan's Labyrinth game!

How good is your (Windows) computer? Let Civilization V tell you.

Puzzle Quest 2 is coming out August 13th or 12th, depending on whether you believe this official tweet, or the link it points to.

Smash hit Batman: Arkham Asylum will be followed up by Batman: Arkham City for fall 2011.

Interview with Runic Games Re: Torchlight 2 with multiplayer.

Ever feel like fighting wave after wave of enemies in an anus or vagina? Well, now's your chance, champ.

EA is working on a competitor to Sony's Little Big Planet, just in time for it to be made completely irrelevant by Little Big Planet 2.

Guillermo del Toro may be working with THQ to create a game.

Google just jumped $182 million's worth into social gaming.

Nerds are a'frothing over EA's registration of Syndicate related trademarks.

How much do people love their Wii games? This much.