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Monty Singer’s “Tent Rocks”

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The Clocks Ticks on a Diné Funeral

Local artist raises funds to help family of recently deceased young man

Last Saturday, Kyle Shane Taliman was found dead in Gallup, NM. The 23-year-old Diné was found outdoors and is believed to have died of exposure. Talimam is survived by mother Lauri and his sister Cheyenne Tilman, both of Virginia. Gallup is a long way to fly from Virginia on short notice, but the news of this young man’s death traveled quickly and soon artist Monty Singer stepped up to help. Singer, an award-winning artist who has shown in Indian Market and the Heard Show and whose work can be found in museums and private collections, offered to donate one of his paintings to be raffled off to help the Talimans go to Gallup to bury their family member.

The painting up for raffle is the award-winning pastel "Tent Rocks," winner of the People's Choice award a the 2011 Pastel Society of New Mexico's National Show. A richly conceived and executed painting of the revered national park near Santa Fe, "Tent Rocks" shows astounding artistry and craftsmanship by Singer, who is as well known for his landscapes and figurative work as he is for his satirical oil paintings that once delighted audiences at Indian Market and other venues.

Raffles tickets are $10 a piece and are limited to 300, giving a buyer a 1 in 300 chance of winning the painting, which measures a staggering 40x40 inches.

"It's crucial that we get the word out about the fund-raiser," said Singer. "According to Diné tradition, the burial needs to take place by Saturday, which means we need to sell tickets as fast as we can."

More information on the raffle can be found at the Kyle Shane Taliman Memorial Fund Facebook page.

Update: As of this afternoon, Lauri and Cheyenne have received enough funds to board a plane headed for Albuquerque and will arrive late tonight. Per the most recent count, 126 raffle tickets have been sold, leaving 174 left. All future donations from this point will go toward additional expenses and some will be set aside to help take care of shipping costs of the painting.

Women’s Day back in the day

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Happy Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which coincides with Women’s History Month, observed in the U.S. in March. The theme this year, as declared by the United Nations, is “Empower Rural Women—End Hunger and Poverty.” But regional groups develop their own focal points.

In Albuquerque, there’s the Women & Creativity series, which unfolds over the course of the month. Tonight, Instituto Cervantes is presenting They Count, a documentary about women of African descent living in Brazil. It will screen at the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Bank of America Theatre at 7 p.m.

The UNM Women’s Resource Center and Women Studies Department were supposed to celebrate their 40th anniversary today, too, but the festivities have been postponed.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for 101 years, beginning in 1911 after German activist Clara Zetkin called for it at the International Conference of Working Women.

If you know of any other related events today, add them in the comment field below.

Marisa Demarco

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The new KiMo sign is awesome

When I rolled up to the Alibi offices a couple doors down from the KiMo, a dude in a cherry-picker was trying to wrangle this thing into place. It’s really lovely. In this week’s feature by Jessica Cassyle Carr (online later today), Mayor Richard Berry talks about embracing and restoring the odd old buildings in Burque to help us avoid turning into a “cookie-cutter city.”

The KiMo is 84-years-old and was part of a trend in the early 20th century to create elaborate movie houses. On Friday, there’s going to be a dedication of the sign that includes a screening of Metropolis with a live score by Alloy Orchestra. Tickets are $25 and available at the KiMo Ticket Office or through Ticketmaster.

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It’s National Coming Out Day! A message from Albuquerque Pride President Jesse Lopez


In recent months, the mass media has brought awareness to the rise in GLBT suicides across our country. The sad truth and reality is that for far too long there has been a silence when dealing and coping with the issue of GLBT suicides, GLBT bullying, and GLBT discrimination.

We must rise to the occasion so those members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender community that live in fear, self hate and silence are silent no more. For those in other countries that fear for their lives because a person can still be legally killed for being GLBT, we are silent no more. For every struggling member of our community, we are silent no more.

Together, as a united front we are silent no more. Please join me, as we take a stand together at Morningside Park, Monday October 11 at 7:00 pm for National Coming Out Day. Coming together as one community so others have the courage to stand and be strong. This is not a protest or even a rally, rather its people coming together to be one voice.

Together in Pride,

Jesse A. Lopez

Albuquerque Pride

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Today! Balloon fiesta visitors get in cheaper at Wagner’s Farm Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

The Village of Corrales is a rural enclave hidden among the big, leafy cottonwoods of the Bosque. This tiny town clings to the northern lip of Albuquerque's Westside—getting there means that one minute you're plodding through concrete and asphalt, the next you're idling down a country lane. There's no better time to explore this enchanting historic community than right now, harvest season for Corrales' stock of farmers. Go today, when Wagner’s Farm Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze will discount its regular admission ($6.50, $4.50 kids ages 3 to 11) for the Balloon Fiesta's out-of-town visitors. To get there from I-25, take the Alameda exit west to Corrales Road, then hang a right. Wagner’s is about four miles down at 6445 Corrales Road. Find other daily deals and information at wagnersfarmlandexperience.com.

Ulrike Kleinert

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Tonight! Erotica writing workshop

Erotica writing workshop “Power writing: Sexual Poems and Paragraphs” with Nancy Ava Miller at Self Serve (3904B Central SE). Details aplenty in this week’s Culture Shock column.

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Tonight! Bands, Birds & Batteries

• Birds & Batteries with Excalico, The Gatherers and Mark Matos Os Beaches. 8:30 p.m. at Low Spirits. Read all about the band in this week’s Alibi.


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Tonight! New micro art space, dance party, 48-Hour Film

• Best of Albuquerque 48-Hour Film Project screening at the KiMo Theatre. Starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and are on sale online. Read more in Reel World.

• Post Burial, a monthly dance party, is taking place at Blackbird Buvette at 9 p.m. Featuring DJ Evans. FREE event. See the flyer here.

• Art opening for Impossible Objects: Various Small Fires, an interactive exhibit at a new micro art space, Generator (723 Silver SW. Read Arts Editor Patricia Sauthoff’s gallery preview.

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The International Boolba Festival happens Saturday August 7th near Fenton Lake

The Boolba Festival is the creation of street artists from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia who are passing through 16 countries to spread a message of freedom, love and sincere communication. And they’re having it up in the Jemez, out in the woods near Fenton Lake. The Boolba Festival will feature:

• Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian folk songs

• Boolba, Borstch and other traditional foods

• Ceramics workshops

• Traditional Games

• Camping

Admission is free but they warn that the road to the festival is rough and narrow and may require a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Just take a right on Forest Road 378 after the Fenton Lake entrance and keep left. There will be someone at the entrance to help with directions. For more information email: litota.belarus@gmail.com

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Today! Multimedia Native arts

Multimedia shows at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe begins today and runs through Jan. 2, 2011. Read more in the Alibi Arts section.