Jacksons MMA grand opening live stream

Watch your favorite local fighters sign autographs for other people - LIVE!

The live stream for the grand opening of Greg Jackson's new gym is up. As soon as I connected, Michelle Waterson pranced toward the camera and gave us a great angle on a dramatization of her picking her nose. In fact, if that literally hadn't happened the very minute I turned on the stream I probably would not be live blogging this live stream. And then, out of nowhere, there's Greg Jackson posed in side-hug position with a fan for a photo, and I was hooked. Who says slow news days are boring?

The gym is located in a mall at the northwest corner of Eubank and Candelaria. I'd probably stop by myself if the view wasn't as good as it is from my house.

Ustream is some powerful stuff. It's kind of funny when people have no idea what's going on, and stand ass-first to the camera, or give us an unflattering profile. I predict it won't be long until more of us are as savvy about it as the Karate Hottie. Just remember, you or I might not look as good digging for buggers. And remember, the mic is probably on. There was in interesting discussion to be eavesdropped between Joey Villasenor and Jon Jones regarding head games before, wisely, the mic was turned off.