New Art Exhibition "From Cubes to Cutouts" at KiMo March 3

A new exhibition in the Gallery of the historic KiMo Theatre opens on Thursday, March 3 with a free public reception for the artists from 5 to 8pm.

"From Cubes to Cutouts" features the works of two New Mexico artists whose individual styles mesh well to create a powerful response from viewers.

Alejandro Moralez was born in Anthony, New Mexico and was strongly influenced in his formative years by the Impressionists' style that focused more on story than precise detail, and by the works of post-impressionist Paul Cezanne, whose minimalistic style captured subjects in geometric shapes such as cylinders, cones and spheres. Post-impressionist style revisited describes Moralez' works that will be on display. His work has been shown in galleries throughout New Mexico.

Nacho Jaramillo was born in Anton Chico, New Mexico and now resides in Las Vegas, where he owned a gallery in the late 1980s. Jaramillo's main subjects are mostly androgynous figures, deliberately enigmatic to convey feeling and emotion. Working mostly from photographs, the artist has the ability to distort and change, sometimes even changing the gender of the subject to make it more interesting. Most of his portraits or character studies are of Chicano people, reflecting his Hispanic heritage. His works have been exhibited in a long list of one-man and group shows around New Mexico, garnering numerous awards.

The exhibition will remain open through April 18.

The KiMo Gallery is open during normal hours of operation of the KiMo Theatre (Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 3pm) and during most KiMo events. During the day visitors are requested to enter at the KiMo's Business Office at 423 Central NW (corner of Fifth and Central) where they will be directed to the gallery to view and enjoy the exhibition at no charge. For the reception, visitors may access the gallery through the 417 Central entry.