The Daily Word in Cat Accents, Tasty Plastic and Appreciative Robots

The Daily Word

Do cats have dialects? A new study plans on wasting five years and a shit-ton of money to find out the difference between mreow and meow.

NM lawmakers barely use their work email, and some of them seemed to have trouble responding to records request.(Ahem. We're looking at you, Gov. Martinez).

A new bacteria has been discovered that eats plastic. Keep it away from Heidi Montag!

No one pays attention to all the hard work you put in at the office? Don't start spitting in the water cooler; get yourself a Pat-On-the-Back machine. (The manufacturers of Pat-On-the-Back do not approve the use of their product for the patting of anything other than backs).

Dude found passed outin his car in the middle of Coors at 2pm with a bag of shrooms in the back seat next to his toddler. There's a lesson in there...

Hyperloop CEO showed off concepts for "augmented windows." Picture looking out a train at the Triassic period. Weird.