The Daily Word in Human Arrows, Villainous Trumps and the Time of Your Death

The Daily Word

An Insurance company and some scientists walk into a bar. They decide to develop an app that will know when you're going to die. Give me a minute to come up with a punch line...

Watch this video of some kids forming a human arrow to help a police chopper catch some fleeing suspects.

A local author has published a book on scary clowns that I refuse to go near.

Once again: Your weight means nothing. BMI means nothing. It's all about body fat versus muscle. Quit dieting and start moving!

Check out this incredibly biased yet hilarious Salon article comparing Trump to some comic book villains. (Spoiler: They say he's most like Darkseid—literally the God of Evil.)

SeaWorld has opened a new exhibit where park-goers can see rescued manatees get rehabilitated. Must be part of their "We Swear We're Not Evil Slave Owners" campaign.

KOB did a piece on a teen who got her lost wallet returned to her, showing us what a slow news week looks like.