Dream Blog #357

Read: Nightmare

Donald Trump is persistently bullying me. Even though he is barely present, I know this.

There is something very menacing in the whole feel of the scenery--burdened clouds on the horizon, the inexplicable way I am somehow saddled with the job I had in high school. Donald Trump is lurking in the periphery, more of an ominous presence than an actual body in the landscape.

At some point, through the picture window of the chocolate factory where I am now employed, I see him drive passed slowly, staring into the window with those dull, stupid eyes.

He forces me to have coffee dates with him.

At some point, in the dream, I decide I'm not putting up with it any more and I scream at him, when he shows up in the chocolate factory, not to touch me. I have to call my mom because I'm so scared.