Mom's a Jewel

Megan Reneau

This year, Mother's Day fell on a particularly weird anniversary for me. Sixteen years ago I had an accident where I was stabbed in the liver. I won't go into details aside from that it was more of a hit to the liver with so much force it caused internal bleeding. I was seven. I remember crawling up the driveway, calling for my mom as loudly as I could through my pained sobbing.

My mom came running out of the house and carried me back upstairs, she hadn't carried me in awhile because at that point I was too big for her to carry regularly, so I knew I was probably really fucked up. She called 9-1-1 and I was sent to the hospital for a week (kids have super-healing powers). I was sent back home with a minor internal scar.

This happened throughout my life. Not getting stabbed in the liver, but that my mom has always come to my rescue whenever I let her know I needed help.

She helped me understand what it's like to live with depression and anxiety and healthy ways to cope, she's comforted me about many things and always been there for support and as a shoulder to cry on. While I do have many issues with her, as we all do with our parents, I've come to understand that she's imperfectly perfect. She's wonderful and funny and kind and sassy and empathetic and so much more.

Thanks, Julie.