The Daily Word in Pink Snow, Balls of Light and the End of All Art

The Daily Word

So, some of the Arctic snow has turned pink. Scientists lay the blame on an algae that turns red when hit by sunlight. It looks cool, but unfortunately it lowers the albedo number (which indicates how much light is reflected by a surface, dependent on hue), meaning the snow melts faster and the current climate model needs some tweaking.

Those good ol' Isotopes are at it again. Nine straight losses!

In 1951 a Denver waitress decided, after one too many beers, that she would like to see what happened when she jumped out the window of her fifth-story hotel room. This newspaper clipping says the jump (which she miraculously survived) taught her a "lesson." See? LSD isn't the only one.

So here's a reason not to go to LA anytime soon: The Skyslide, a glass chute that sits 1,000 feet above the ground, attached to the side of California's tallest building. Crazy people can enjoy the experience of "sliding off the side of a skyscraper." Alright.

Something that made my neighbor proclaim the "End of All Art" was near: New-Mexican film-maker Hannah Macpherson has created the first full-length Snapchat movie, Sickhouse. Darryl can be so fucking melodramatic sometimes.

H. C. Wu, a Chinese researcher, believes he's figured out the secrets of ball lightning, a phenomenon that has mystified scientists and pissed of UFOlogists since time immemorial.