The Daily Word in Cyborgs, Opera and Roach Murder

The Daily Word

Russia made an entire city disappear under a dense chemical fog as part of a military test. They were supposedly trying to see if they could effectively hide bases during military attacks. "Just shoot missiles at that giant cloud," said one theoretical enemy.

Check out this video of an emerald cockroach wasp injecting a roach with a venom that disables the part of its brain that tells it to escape danger. Afterward, she leads the seemingly hypnotized roach to her den, where the whole fam gets a taste. Creepy!

Don't call it a comeback: The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were this close to declaring Africa polio-free after two years without any reported cases. This week, authorities discovered two cases in Nigeria.

Remember when that lady screwed up the restoration of a century-old fresco, turning Jesus into some kind of poorly-drawn cartoon character? Well, for those of you who don't: A comedic opera based on the debacle and the media storm that followed is slated to come out in 2017.

So, Kevin Kit Parker, head of a research team at Harvard University’s Disease Biophysics Group, decided to make a a cybernetic sting ray that uses a rat's heart muscles to power it's swimming motion ... Goodnight, everybody!