Weekend in Review

Settlers of Catan

In this most recent wild weekend, I spent several hours Sunday afternoon attempting to build a sweeping road across the land of Catan and it's outlying islands (Seafarer's expansion pack, thank you very much).

Armed with a fleet of boats made on a 3D printer (because what even happened to the ones that came with the expansion pack in the first place?), a pile of tiny roads, settlements and cities in my first choice of color (green), I felt confident heading into the game.

Due to sheer luck, I was seated to the left of the youngest person at the table, and as such, got my second choice of placement for my first settlement. Ah, yes, plenty of wood and bricks to build my empire.

But as fate would have it, those most probable of numbers (6 and 8) weren't coming up as the game progressed, and I was slowly outpaced for The Longest Road by the player on my left. Who, incidentally, hours later when he won said, "I'm having fun. I'm sad that it's over." Salt in the wound.
Pausing and starting again for snacks to fuel the expansion, the game raged on as we sailed across fraught seas in the direction of gold.

At some point--maybe an hour into the game--as they started to fall behind, the banker and a player across the table disengaged and started sharing memes. Ok, ok, the banker was never actually playing because he thinks it brings out the worst in us. At this point the mood dissipated from one of tyranny and bloodlust to a total lack of interest. Slowly, the player with the longest road--who, over the course of the game not only commandeered my land, but also casually started drinking from my cup of water, claiming it for his own--soldiered on toward victory.

In the aftermath of the game, either feeling glorious or defeated, we looked out at the actual world we inhabit, that is, Albuquerque, and discussed the logistics of building a tree fort in the backyard. At this point, it struck me that all of us are 29 or older (mostly older) and I felt pretty good about my adult life. No, seriously. Not joking.