Confirm your vast knowledge of the best restaurants in Burque

Best of Burque voting is underway!

You wake up one morning and have a continuous, looming sense of dread. Something bad is going to happen today, and you know it. You make breakfast, another shitty bowl of microwavable oatmeal and run out the door unsatisfied. Lunch time rolls around and you realize you didn't pack your awful lunch, and neither did that one coworker that you want to get to know better. He asks where you think you all should go. Your phone rings, it's your Grandma. She's coming into town later today for her vacation and wants to know what places you think she'd like. You get a text from a friend asking what you want to do for dinner tonight.

You know every single answer but know you'll need evidence. Let's say a list confirming your vast knowledge of the best restaurants in Burque. Well, do I have some exciting news for you. Weekly Alibi is hosting our annual "Best of Burque Restaurants" poll.

Deadline for ballots is Tuesday, Sept. 20. The Best of Burque Restaurants issue will hit newsstands on Oct. 6.

Feel the anxiety of holding all that knowledge with no confirmation slide off your back? Me too, kid. Me too.