Weekend in Review

Doom, sci-fi and fantasy

As I shuffled out of the room at Albuquerque Marriott Uptown along with the other 50 or so individuals who had come to see George RR Martin speak, a bottleneck was created near the doorway as fans pestered today's superlative fantasy writer for pictures and autographs. I, a little too polite and self conscious for that kind of behavior, set off down the carpeted hallway to find the elevators. Really, I just wanted to find the 16th floor "green room" because I know that that equation equals snacks.

A dead end turned me back in the direction I had come from, and as I spun around I found myself face to face with the suspendered, bespectacled arbiter of Westeros and beyond. Anxious heat prickled at my hairline, and a voice in my mind insisted "say something!" But what would I say, "Love your work, Mr. Martin"? "Good one on killing Joffrey"? I didn't. I smiled, he bobbed his head and said "Hey." That was good enough for me. And then I did find the snack room, I mean, green room, and I ate four Oreos. Bubonicon 48 was great.

Many a hour on Sunday was dedicated to learning new music on the bass for a new band, as yet to find a name (working title: Jagged Little Pill. We're mostly joking.) We're playing our first show on Sept. 18 with all the boys you wish you were your boyfriend, that is, Boyfriend Armada. The process of learning new music very quickly has me struggling in that particular sort of way, where you know it is good and mind-expanding, but you're left flustered and unsure if you can do it. I can do it. Come watch in three weeks at Winning Coffee Co.