Weekend in Review

Baking, Celebrating, Crafting

This weekend took a turn for the surprisingly domestic and overwhelmingly wholesome. My activities, in Saturday-Sunday order:

Marc Maron at the NHCC (!! Thank you Endorphin Power Co. !!)
asleep by 11:30pm
reading again
embroidery again
watch Veronica Mars with friends while embroidering more
bike ride
bake cookies
birthday party (complete with balloons and cake, except, because we are adults, it was at a bar)
embroidery again
reading again
asleep by 11:30pm

Years ago I was literally obsessed with embroidery and this weekend was my first foray back into that world of meticulous stitchery since I abandoned a Slayer cardigan I had been working on for months. I've always been artistically inclined, and I find it incredibly relaxing to focus on something so detailed, to span the construction process of something so small out for days, weeks, or months. The only problem I can see with re-entering this world is that I missed a pivotal scene in Veronica Mars because I was too focused on the fabric in my hands.

If my hobbies didn't already anoint me with "a little old for her age" status, I also baked cookies for a dear friend who turned 36 yesterday and went to a yin yoga class for the goddamn slipped disk in my back that occasionally makes me hobble.

So I'm not climbing on roofs, drunk, at 2am or going to shows that leave me deaf the following day, but, I am well rested and armed with a whole lot of bamboo hoops and multiple pairs sweat pants. That makes me feel pretty happy, at least this week.