The Daily Word in Antivenom, Chinese Robocops and Bee Sports

The Daily Word

So British physicist Brian Cox says that if ghosts were real, we would have seen evidence of them through the Large Hadron Collider. Here's a Gizmodo article with legitimate criticism of Cox's comments (I still don't think I believe in ghosts, though).

A boy in Australia was saved by the largest dose of antivenom ever administered after he was bitten by a funnel web spider.

Whoa! Mars is developing rings from its moons!

Some scientists taught some bumblebees to roll a ball. Not only does it say something about their ability to learn complex tasks, it also looks awesome.

Here we go: The Chinese have built a robotic police officer. I think I've seen this movie.

NASA announced the discovery of seven earth-sized planets only 40 lightyears away. At least three seem to be able to sustain life!