Local Blogosphere Roundup 04.12.09

It's atomic ... or was.

Thanks to Albuquerque Daily Photo for this image.

Snap! Former mayor Jim Baca says a few words about current mayor Martin Chavez.

Eye on Albuquerque writes about Intoxilizer 8000s, and sparks interesting discussion about DWI in New Mexico.

2009 Run For the Zoo is on May 3rd.

Democracy for New Mexico discusses Richardson's signing of some bills deemed "green." And Peeps.

Appalachian fiddle workshop with Chance McCoy, heck yeah!

New Mexico FBIHOP provides evidence that "grassroots" tea parties are actually the spawn of "lobbyist-run think tanks."

John Fleck writes about Stephen Chu calling New Mexico labs "intellectual treasures."

Whoa, the National Atomic Museum is now "The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History." Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like the other.