Local Blogosphere Roundup 05.10.09

Trains, trains, trains, and star stuff

Go, Rail Runner.
Go, Rail Runner.

Abqdwell supports a downtown arena (and this cool Rail Runner photo), suggests that the lean market may make the complex attainable at a discount.

Mayor is for a light rail system that would run between the airport and downtown, but the city council is opposed ... I'm with mayor on this one. More trains, please.

Former Mayor Jim Baca burns Mayor Marty again! This time it's got to do with the city budget.

SunCal spent a crazy amount of money on lobbying in the first part of this year.

Purveyors of tasty coffee, delicious baked goods and overpriced, undercooked rice, Flying Star, opens a new location at the Santa Fe Railyard.

Never been inside Albuquerque's Historic Railroad Shops? Duke City Fix posted a harmonica-laden KNME video with footage from the shops and interviews with old timers.

Whassup in the Milky Way? Scroll down to find out how we are made of stars.

Finally, my favorite local news anchor (sorry, Dick Knipfing), Steve Stucker, has a blog! Yea, Stucker!