Laundry Day

Before I wash my six-year-old's clothes I have to check his pockets for any garbage/treasures. This is what I found:

2 massive handfuls of used kleenex

1 lego (part number 30231px1) 'Wing Insectoid Small with Arm Hinge and Insectoid Circuitry Left Pattern'

7 small, smooth stones

4 2-4 inch twigs

1 handmade badge "Agis uv Godzlua" Translation: Agents of Godzilla (we've been watching a Godzilla movie every Friday night for a few months)

2 Scooby Doo fruit snack wrappers

11 hanger lables/size tags from Target (all for shirts sized 2T)

1 mini-flashlight keychain

30 cents in dimes

1 rabbit eraser top