Local Blogosphere Roundup 05.23.09

A special blog for special people

A special ad discovered by Additional Jesus.
A special ad discovered by Additional Jesus.

The former Memorial Hospital is to become a boutique hotel called Parq Central. We can only assume that's pronounced "par-qwah."

Summer of Like: Some chick goes on a quest to meet people in Albuquerque, blogging about it all the while. Best 'o luck!

Duke City Food passes around burrito cravings like pink eye in kindergarten.

NewMexiKen's thoughts on Twitter. (He's following Levar Burton.)

Jim Baca makes a list of things that annoy him, calls the Albuquerque Journal's website "the slowest and klunkiest site in all journalism."

SouthWest Organizing Project shares quotes from great leaders.

Additional Jesus is getting around town and scoring vintage sheets at Thrift Town.