Local Blogosphere Roundup 08.16.09: Albuquerque mayors, Buck Owens, burritos, alouettes

Grandma Warner's K & I Diner
Grandma Warner's K & I Diner

The legacy of late Albuquerque mayor, Louis Saavedra.

Where's the water, Marty, where? Diogenes'six wants to know.

Winston Churchill and the national health care debate.

Grandma Warner's K & I Diner (Broadway near Gibson), as well as nearby and delicious Burritos Alinstante could close due to waning lunch traffic.

A freaking opus on merits of Quesada's, a new Mexican/New Mexican restaurant on San Mateo, on Gil's Trilling (And Filling) Blog.

The morbid meaning of that Alouette song, and a beautiful embroidered table scarf on Additional Jesus.

See Scott White's cool C table.

Steve Terrell's Santa Fe Opry playlist includes Buck Owens and Wanda Jackson. That man sure has good taste in music.