The Revolution Begins Tonight

Love, Loss and Possibility in Chad Brummett's Four Interludes
Love, Loss and Possibility in Chad Brummett's Four Interludes
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Don't try to deny it. We both know that you've been sleeplessly anticipating the opening of Revolutions International Theatre Festival for weeks. Planning the pre-Pollock dance party you'll have in your living room before you head to the theatre. Mentally selecting clothes that are fashionably appropriate for the world premiers of BOTH Joe Peracchio's one-man show and Chad Brummett's Four Interludes.

Goodbye, insomnia. For at 8:00 p.m. tonight, the festival begins with Pollock at UNM's Rodey Theatre.

At 10:00 p.m., it continues at 516 Arts with Brummett's original vignette series, Four Interludes. As part of the Excavations New Works Series which began at Revolutions in 2004, Brummett will present his yet-unfinished (though, no doubt, beautifully composed) work in progress.

As Brummett describes it, "the show is actually a collection of short stories told in a hybrid of story theatre and solo performance. The stories are deeply personal and are celebrations and lamentations of love, loss and the possibility that lies ahead. The development of the script began in October when I wrote one short story, which opened the flood-gates of recollection about various women in my life. If anything, it's a celebration of who they are, what they meant to me, and how each has affected my own personal journey in love and life."

Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? Yes, you're thinking, yes, it does. Which means that tonight's all set:
NOW - Dance Party in your World Premier Costume
8:00 - Pollock at UNM's Rodey Theatre
10:00 - Four Interludes at 516 Arts
THEN - Sleep the soundest sleep you've ever slept

Please Note: In the print issue of this week's Alibi, I incorrectly dated the second performance of Four Interludes. The correct show time is Tuesday, January 19 at 8:00 p.m.