A Profound Performance

Joe Peracchio as Jackson Pollock

Never knew booze bottles and paint cans could be so intriguing, did you?
Never knew booze bottles and paint cans could be so intriguing, did you?

While I've given a number of standing ovations in my day, I've never leapt out of my seat the way I did last night. But Joe Peracchio is so astounding as Jackson Pollock that my response was involuntary.

In just under two hours, Peracchio changed the way I think about one-man shows. Though solitary on the stage, he is never alone; in a breathtaking realization of writer David D’Agostino’s script and director Moni Yakim’s vision, Peracchio creates an entire world. He plays Pollock with empathy, vibrancy and dramatic mastery so brilliant that he brought tears to my eyes. In one word: Spectacular.

So spectacular that I need to revise a couple of statements I've made in the last few days:
1) If you want to see definite greatness, you should definitely see Pollock. (Re: Revolutions article)
2) Pollock will not take away your sleepless anticipation of the Revolutions International Theatre Festival. Rather, you will spend hours under the covers thinking about Peracchio's remarkable talent and imagining how incredible the rest of the festival is sure to be given the caliber of the first show. But it's a good sleeplessness, a strangely invigorating and somehow restful sleeplessness. And when you do slumber, it will be sweetly and soundly. (Re: Last night’s blog)

So, if you have any doubt about what you're doing this weekend, banish it. There are two Pollock performances left - Tonight, Friday, January 15, at 10:00 p.m. and Tomorrow, Saturday, January 16, at 6:00 p.m. Call the UNM ticket hotline (925-5858) immediately and book your tickets. You must not miss the opportunity to see this performance.

Come to think of it: You may as well just call Tricklock (315-2704) and get a Festival Passport for multiple shows. You'll want to see them, anyway, once you see Peracchio. So you should just save yourself some phone calls and some money (you get a discount when you purchase a passport) and take care of it now.