Saturday Night Revolution

partial set up backstage at Nasze Miasto
partial set up backstage at Nasze Miasto
Summer Olsson

Last night was great. The house for Nasze Miasto/Our City was, indeed, sold out last night. The energy of the audience was incredible and much appreciated. As frequently happens, there were tons of places where people laughed unexpectedly- we hadn't previously thought the show was funny. Although, as Kevin (R. Elder, the director) pointed out, people sometimes laugh when they see something clever, or surprising. I do think there are a lot of surprising little moments in Our City. We did get a standing ovation, and at the reception afterward, everyone seemed to have really enjoyed it.
The show is sold out again tonight (thank you Albuquerque audiences), so get tickets to tomorrow's show right now, if you want them.
Tonight is also the last performance of Pollock, which I saw last night. I was so proud of all the artists who worked on it- so proud to have that show in the festival. It's a really finely crafted, intense look at the inspirations and demons involved with being an artist. Joe Peracchio is amazing. Anyone who can should check out his work tonight at 6pm.
Also, some of the members of Lucidity Suitcase came in from Philadelphia last night. They're hard at work in the shop, putting together their set: an incredible transformer of a piece that is, at various times, a Winnebago, a diner, a hotel and a gas station. Thaddeus Phillips and the gang are old friends of ours. We're glad they're here.
The quote of the day comes from Kristen D. Simpson, our Revolutions Box Office Manager.
"One of the most fun parts about working in the box office is hearing the different variations of show titles people use when making reservations. Some good ones we've had so far: Cat String Guts, Countries Stripes and Stars, and Four Eulogies."
To see what these shows are really called, and for more info on the festival, check out tricklock's website.