Reptilian Lounge and End of Week One

Piotr of Teatr Figur hugs Buddy
Piotr of Teatr Figur hugs Buddy
Summer Olsson

Holy crap! The line for the Reptilian Lounge started forming before 9:15pm last night. I got a text when we got off stage to let me know there were already people showing up at the Filling Station. The Lounge was crazy- the Squash Blossom Boys were our house band and they are a favorite of mine. There was some good poetry, some bad poetry, some totally rad lyra performances, and a naked guy covered in cottage cheese. I won't tell you more, you'll have to come to the Lounge. But thanks, Adam, for totally making my night. Oh, and Buddy was there! He's a Lounge icon. But this time he did this incredible thing where, instead of singing songs, he had people hug him. It actually worked. People lined up and hugged him! Like 50.
Afterward someone decided we were moving the party to Tricklock Space. There are an awful lot of parties during the festival- stick around and you'll be at one- but this was the first impromtu, late night, tons of guest artists in the Lounge spirit one. Even at around 4am, there were musicians with guitar, banjo, dobro and harmonica on our back porch jamming.
We had our last Nasze Miasto show today. It was again sold out! My 5 year old niece was there, and she was quiet the whole time. I totally expected "Look Grandma, there's Summer right there!" She was thrilled to come backstage afterward and touch everything.
It's weird that the show is finished. We were just getting warmed up and we don't have any more performances. Today we talked about where we have connections and where we might take the show on tour.
Tonight is the Revolutions Karaoke party at O'Niell's. How rad is that gonna be? Super rad. Our friends Nick (di Gaetano)and Emily (Pearlman) of Mi Casa out of Ottawa got in today. And those people have some pipes. It's worth coming by just to hear them sing. And meet them. They're very nice people.