Welcome and Goodbye

Revolutions Week Two

Countries Shaped Like Stars
Countries Shaped Like Stars

As I write this, I'm listening to Czesław Spiewa.

This is my most recent favorite anything. A lot of people have come up to me since Nasze Miasto to ask what all the music was. There were several different artists we used, but multiple songs were Spiewa. It's incredible stuff: theatrical, ominous and exciting. This is the simplest definition of cultural exchange, the platform Revolutions is built on: Some people come from other cities and show us what they think is cool. We show them what we think it cool.

Last night was the second welcome dinner of the Revolutions festival. It was a little melancholy because, although we had 3 new companies of guests, it also marked good-bye (do widzenia) to Teatr Figur artists. However, it was amazing to have a huge group of artists, from 6 different companies, representing 4 countries, hanging out eating Billy Brown's dinner. Did I mention that Billy Brown, our friend from Cuisine Del Corazon, has been feeding us throughout the festival? He makes delicious everything. He asked Filip what kind of Polish food he would like. I think Filip said "Uhhhh". Billy showed up the next day with bigos.
Seriously? Everyone who might have any idea about it said it was delicious.

Countries Shaped Like Stars
Countries Shaped Like Stars
Andrew Moore

This afternoon I watched a rehearsal of Countries Shaped Like Stars. I wondered, before it started, if it would be as amazingly beautiful as I remembered it was in Ottawa. Perhaps my brain had been exaggerating the show's power over the last 5 months. Maybe I'd been crazily hyping a show to anyone who would listen without due cause. Oh my god! It's still amazing. It's one of the loveliest shows I've ever seen. I was feeling pretty embarrassed to be tearing up at the end, when the lights came on and I saw Daga and Piotr wiping at their eyes.

Four Interludes is totally sold out tonight, but I'm going to squeeze in the back and watch standing. I expect the show to have a long life, so anyone who missed it this time around will have other chances to see it.
Afterward we're probably going to Blackbird for drinks. I know Chad will want to relax after his show is done. Also, Daga and Piotr leave tomorrow morning. That makes this their zielona noc. That's "green night", and means last night in a place. It comes from some sort of kids-at-summer-camp-pranks-on-the-last-night thing.
I gave Daga my ukulele as a parting gift. She loves it and it's been in my closet for 2 years, so I'm glad to part with it. If anyone wants to join us at BB, bring your uke.