Countries Shaped Like Le Chat in an Elevator

Le Chat Lunatique & Lucidity Suitcase Gettin Down in the Elevator
Le Chat Lunatique & Lucidity Suitcase Gettin Down in the Elevator
Summer Olsson

This morning was a flurry of picking up Daga and Piotr, our last Teatr Figur guests, trying to cram all their luggage into my car, driving to Tricklock Space to search for last- minute, still-missing items, transferring all said luggage into Kevin's car, and getting them to the airport.
For the three weeks they were here, we were in rehearsal pretty constantly and I never saw them shop. However, this morning, they had 2 giant touring backpacks, stuffed to the gills and bulging out everywhere; a small hardback case,an old-timey suit carrier (also stuffed full of, I think, bricks); 1 normal sized backpack; 1 oversize shoulder bag; a purse; and a ukulele case (with ukulele). They are on the way to New York, where the plan to do some shopping.
My regret, other than my dear friends leaving, is that I didn't take a picture.

Also today, I took some members of Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental and LE Chat Lunatique to KUNM for a radio interview with Carol Boss. It was one of the most hilarious groups I can imagine stuffing into a van, and then into a small studio. For those who didn't catch the interview: they did songs from their show, Flamingo/Winnebago, which opens on Thursday at the Kimo. One of them was a totally kick-ass version of Viva Las Vegas. Even if you don't like Elvis (which I do), I think you have to like Le Chat Lunatique backing Jeremy Wilhelm- an actor from the show who also happens to be a great vocalist. It's just Several months ago, preparing for a tour to Serbia, Lucidity Suitcase rehearsed Flamingo/Winnebago in the Tricklock basement. At the end of the week, I watched a run-though. At that time there was no set, no lights and only partial costumes. It was still incredible. Now I imagine, with the addition of the magically transforming set, lights and video, it will be completely awesome.

Tonight is the first show of Countries Shaped Like Stars. I am so excited. Nick and Emily (of Mi Casa Theatre fame) have been baking things in our kitchen all day. Things that audience members will get to eat! I can say no more. Come to the show.