The Corpus Christi Folk Singer

My friend from El Paso is having profound psychological
problems. They are certain her problems stem from post traumatic stress. She was severely abused by her violent dad who claims years of military duty made him aggressive.

She told me that her dad is now stationed at his final assignment... a nursing home in San Antonio. Next week I plan on visiting this nursing facility and telling a lie so I can enter his room. I should have no problem gaining access as long as I look clean-cut and wear a suit.

I shall cover his face with a pillow then burn his rib with
a cigarette lighter, but I'm not going to kill him. I'll whisper to him, "I know what you did and I'm coming back next week in a special disguise to dial up the pain."

As I exit his bed I’ll explain to him that a listening bug was planted in his room. Then I’ll shove a sign in his face that reads, "Don't tell ANYONE about ME of YOUR Penis and Tongue will be cut off “

Then I will calmly exit and then chit chat casually
with the nursing staff. I'll lie to them about my past, telling them how I used to work part time as a folk singer and part time at a similar nursing home in Corpus Christi.

They will think I'm nice but a little bit self -absorbed.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 titled “ The Corpus Christi folk singer entertains the elderly"