The Loveliest Thing I've Ever Known Any Couple To Do

The awesomest drawings in all of Albuquerque

Every evening, my friends Nick and Nora* spend time drawing portraits of each other. It’s something they started 56-days-as-of-this-Friday-when-I-went-over ago. And it’s amazing.

Nora is getting her Master’s in Philosophy at UNM, and she has been in Albuquerque since August. But Nick just arrived recently. He came from Chicago, which is where they met and first loved one another. He’s here on an extended vacation of sorts – even though he’s working** – so that they can be together for a longer clip than any of Nora’s school vacations would otherwise allow.

A whole room of them!

They’re really making the most of it. Their office space is adorned with (actually, completely blanketed by) the products of their new nightly tradition. In one composition, Nick is Nora’s own personal Obama. In another, Nora is queen of the pancakes. The portraits aren’t polished, but they aren’t meant to be. They are quirky and creative. They are humorous and adoring. They are, when we get right down to it, love incarnate.

More than anything, they are reminders of the gloriousness of being. Particularly, of being in a relationship with someone complimentary, contemplative, constant. If we’re fortunate enough to find such a thing, we should surely revel in it. By drawing pictures of our others riding chariots with captions like strong as a mythical beast.

In fact, I’ve just imagined my own love, Alex, flying on a winged crocodile, and he has some Micron pens on his desk that will allow me to capture it perfectly. Off I go. Goodnight!

*Yes! Those are their real names! And if you think that’s neat because of something having to do with an Infinite Playlist, then… Sorry, you’re probably not a very neat person. But if you think that’s neat because of marvelous movies starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, then you’re probably the neatest person ever. In the whole world. Or at least one of them.

** You want proof of Nick’s productivity? Look no further than The Guild on Friday, April 2, at 10:30p. You want a preview? Look no further than his website.