The Daily Word 06.17.10: BP testifies, Zoo break-in, celly radiation

The Daily Word

BP CEO testifies before the House. He says he is "deeply sorry."

Are Denish and Martinez doing their jobs? Or is campaigning a full-time gig?

Facebook photos show six people breaking into the Rio Grande Zoo and entering animal habitats.

Albuquerque's Gruet Winery in the L.A. Times.

New Mexico is parched.

Horrifying story about a local man accused of molesting a 1-year-old baby.

Fake store in Albuquerque staffed by federal agents takes in illegal weapons for a year.

After a Navajo man is branded with a swastika, Farmington is asked by the Navajo Human Rights Commission to sign a race relations-improving agreement.

Americans are exercising but still gaining weight.

Americans support SB 1070, according to a poll.

Israel to decrease the blockade and allow civilian goods into Gaza.

San Francisco will require retailers to post cell phone radiation levels.

Half vinyl, half CD, one disc-record.