Oh, hangovers...why are ye so cruel?

Last night my friend and I, after Southern Comfort shooters at her place mind you, sampled a few downtown bars and more than a few different drinks. First we went to the old standard, Burt's Tiki Lounge, which was packed to the point of not being fun. I don't know where that mass of humans came from, but I got the feeling that mod, new wave and Brit pop wasn't exactly their bag. Anyway, after taking more shots (vodka for her, tequila for me) and procuring our .75 cent PBRs, she and I moved to a mostly vacant corner and observed some dorks breakdancing to The Smiths, or something equally inappropriate for breakdancing. We then chugged our beers and left the chaos behind.

Next we went to OPM for hot goth action. It cost $3 to get in, which would have been alright had the DJ in the '80s room not sucked in a playing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and club remixes of Pink Floyd sorta way. Because of said DJ, all attempts to dance were promptly aborted. We moved over to the industrial room and observed the sea of booted legs performing the always hilarious high step goth dance. Moving upstairs, we both ordered vodka drinks from the bar and sat in a spot where we could watch the people trying to dance in the '80s room. Man that DJ sucked. With that in mind, we decided to get down to business and go to Raw where we'd surely be able to dance.

On the way in we passed some kind bouncers, and inside tumbleweeds blew across Raw's dance floor as Aaliyah's "Try Again" blasted around the empty room. "Where are all the ballers?" we wondered. Oh well, Tuaca shots were on sale and we had a couple. Gross. Taking to the empty dance floor, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out some of my more technically advanced and patently bad dance moves. No dice. It just didn't feel right without a couple simulating sex over in the corner. So, to bring things full circle, we went back to Burt's, a little more in tune with the madness this time around, and danced until our designated driver (how responsible!) showed up and took us home.

Getting to the point: Most of you probably know mixing a variety of drinks in your stomach is a recipe for a disastrous next day. So what is the solution for this problem? Well, right now I don't feel like I'm dying because of my special smoothie cure. I take one banana, a few frozen strawberries, a handful of frozen blueberries, a squirt of honey, a cup to a half a cup of orange juice and a few spoonfuls of this stuff called "The Ultimate Meal." I then blend until "smooth" and drink. Usually it works. Just eating a banana is a good idea too. Otherwise I like to go to the Frontier.

What's your hangover cure?