Apple Sucks.

Geoff is Sad.

Stopped by the Genius booth at the Apple Store this weekend, to see if Apple still gave a shit about their customers...they don't. Recently robbed, I went in with the last of Apple I own, my iPod. I asked "I have over 3,000 songs on here, as well as pictures and can you help me get all of it off here and on to...anything?" He couldn't, or wouldn't.

He told me as an Apple employee he couldn't help me, but whispered over the counter that I could get on the internet and buy sniping software...but that he didn't recommend it. My question back to him was why the fuck should I pay to rip something that was already mine? Fuckers.

I knew this going in. I guess I'm just bitching. I've been reading this for I don't know how long...maybe since Apple "fixed" the old iTunes, by removing the "download iPod" option. Thanks for the fix, assholes.

Oh so disappointed, as I was once a card carrying member to the cult of Mac.

So, now I must attempt to buy the software to get it done(there is a lot of options out there) . Any recommendations?