Be sure to invite cheese

(In high-pitched cartoon voice) "I'm delicious!"

Friday night my two lady friends and I set out for La Montanita Co-op in search of cheeses, and found a pungent Manchego, a gentle farmer cheese and a Le Roule--a soft, spreadable and delicious herbed and rolled cow's milk cheese. Working in concert with our cheese trio, we had an earthy, yet sweet brownish-yellow pear, a novel Arkansas black apple, slices of your average cucumber and perfectly introverted water crackers. I arranged these food items on my large bamboo cutting board (seen at right), while the ladies opened a bottle of Gruet Blanc de Noirs (and then another). Add some candles, a "Flashdance" record and a pack of Fantasias, and you've got shake-your-face photos that will last a lifetime. Thank you, cheese.