A Better iPod

New iPod Shuffle Looks Even More Awesome

I own a regular old 15gig iPod. I don't like how heavy it is, how it freezes up when I jog with it and how the battery-life has degenerated so fast--nowadays if it works through a whole plane ride I have to give thanks.

Not long ago I bought a new iPod Shuffle ($99), which is essentially a pack of chewing gum-sized flash drive that holds 1000 songs or some such absurd number. The battery lasts for more than 20 hours and it is so small I often forget that I have it and my headphones in my pocket when I dig for cash.

Most people look at me like I have measles when I suggest that for music the small screen-less Shuffle is superior to the more expensive standard iPod. The truth is: No screen is a small sacrifice for the battery life, portability and total ease of use. Alibi’s own Jeremy McCollum became a convert and bought a $50 refurbished unit. He loves it so much he's getting married today!

This afternoon I read about Apple's newest revision of its iPod Shuffle: Smaller still, made of fancy aluminum and even cheaper ($79). Check it out: If you like music this is the best player I have ever seen.