Eye on New Mexico

And eye on our editor emeritus debating ethics

This Sunday, January 20th, at 10 a.m. our Stevie--that's Steven Robert Allen, now Common Cause New Mexico's Executive Director--will appear on local current events show, "Eye on New Mexico," which airs on KOB, channel 4. On the program he discusses and debates ethics reform with political blogger Mario Burgos and co-hosts Dennis Domrzalski and Nicole Brady.

As supporters of the bipartisan 2007 Ethics Reform Task Force--and here comes the shameless plug--Steve's peeps endorse that group's ethics recommendations during this legislative session, which are as follows: "1) Voluntary public campaign financing for statewide executive offices such as governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and treasurer. 2) Campaign contribution limits (New Mexico is one of only a handful of states with no such limits). 3) An independent ethics commission to investigate complaints against public officials."

As for me, I'll take a Vigil...a Montoya...and a side of Aragon.