Nevada Caucus, and South Carolina, Too

McCain at play.
McCain at play.
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To quote that great American, Ricky Ricardo: "'Splain it to me, Lucy!"

What is going on in these primary contests? Despite their union's endorsement of Obama, most of the Las Vegas Culinary Workers voted for Clinton. Hispanics are voting for Clinton. It's Blacks, upper income whites and young voters going for Obama. The majority of white Democratic women aren't into the "post-gender" thing. It's becoming clear they're voting for Clinton because of her gender. Gloria Steinem and Dianne Denish aren't making any secret of that. I think that is going to really make Black Dems furious down the road. The rage is already building from what I read and hear. What can Democrats be thinking?

Republicans in South Carolina who destroyed McCain's campaign in 2008 are now signaling he's the likely nominee. This was the first southern GOP primary, and no one takes the Republican nomination who can't run strong in the South. If McCain gets the GOP nod, he will appeal strongly to independents, conservative Dems and Hillary's nomination (which I think is coming) will guarantee a unified and motivated GOP base. McCain's immigration stand won't give Dems an easy target with Hispanics, either. And he and Hillary will have shared the same position on the Iraq War for most of the past 5 years. So much for that issue giving Dems an edge.

Anyone else getting the feeling the Dems had better not take this one for granted?