Fresh Off the Tour Van

Still washing the smell out of my hair.

So my band hit the road last week for a six-show, six-night mini tour of California, Arizona and Nevada.

Though we were so stoked to come home we left right after the last performance and drove all night, I kind of miss being on the road. Not the sleeping in the van bits, the lack of shower bits, the smell or the ringing in my ears. But I miss seeing music every night and meeting other bands. There are some damn fine performers out there. Like The Gibbs (holy shit this Gillian can sing) and Union Pulse ("Cheaper than booze. Younger than Dylan. Funnier than a Funeral.").

By far, the best find was Jason Webley. The owner of Muddy Waters, the venue we hit in Santa Barbara, described him as Tom Waits with an accordion. I guess that approaches the nail--even if it doesn't hit it on the head. Webley's show was warm and engaging and hilarious. I have no idea how his hat stays on, but it does, though it looks in danger of flying off every moment of his set.

By the end of it, everyone was standing as close to each other as possible, looking at their fingers pointed toward the ceiling and spinning fast fast to simulate drunkenness. Though there was booze there, the insta-drunk was even better. Then we sang a drinking song with our arms wrapped around one another.

Webley's also working on another project, Evelyn Evelyn, with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.