Gov Grows Indie Beard

It seems that upon returning to work from an unsuccessful attempt at the White House, Governor Richardson has decided to “decompress” by taking lead from Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. I discovered this important news in today's Journal while waiting for my breakfast. As quoted in the front-page article, it seems the stubbly beginnings of what could very well become a full Abe Lincoln are entirely intentional, and not the result of some descent into desolation and binge drinking (like when Robert Downey, Jr. has stubble). No, it seems this beard is nothing more than a GQ-sanctioned trend. It's not like he's going to tell reporters he's hasn't stopped drinking or started shaving since Clinton won Nevada. Or that he actually picked up an artifactual clay pot displayed in front of his office and barfed in it on his way to the news conference down the hall. Or, he's prepping himself for a costume party at Nancy Pelosi's house, where's he'll be disguised as Al Gore after he lost and took a bearded walk through the political woods.