Yacht Rock Blog #3

With bonus Spanish subtitles!

Ahoy, blog readers. In today's installment of overwhelming smoothness, we greet what might be deemed "late yacht rock." Released on "Toto IV" in 1982 along with its fellow hit single "Rosanna," the song "Africa," with its nostalgic yearnings and kickass keyboard stylings, captures the spirit of a true yacht rocker. In this fine, library-themed video, notice the use of hair on Toto members, which accomplishes the message "I care about how I look, but I'm no narcissist." This message is especially poignant on bass player Mike Porcaro's head. This video also "sees" a notable rash of oversized eyeglasses, which presumably assist the band in scholarly pursuits. Also, here's the third installment of yacht rock from Channel 101. Well, so long for now. I too miss the rains down in Africa, but it's time to sail on Toto, for the sea is calling.