My Very First Bike Ride

OK, so here I am. Entering my mid-twenties and I still haven’t learned to do what every 6-year-old should have under their belt: ride a bike. Yes, yes, I’m a disgrace, I know. That is, I was a disgrace--because Wednesday afternoon, miraculously, I finally learned how to pedal. Now I’m addicted--going in circles in my parking lot at night because I’m not quite sidewalk-ready. But I will be ... oh, I will be.

When most people hear that I got this far in life without learning such a basic skill, they want to know how. Why the hell didn’t I learn to ride I bike when I was 6, or 10, or at the very least 13? I think I’ll keep that a secret for now. If you’re as curious as most of the more experienced bike riders I know, check out the Alibi’s Summer Guide issue, coming out May 11. You can read all about it. Until then, I think I’ll practice my figure-eights.