and all the hipsters squeal

Received a invite this AM for a Punk Rock show in Nob Hill. Weak lead in, I know.

An earlier post from dixie deer had me waxing nostalgic. Bow Wow Records, rock shows and posters. Nob Hill, home of the late great Bow Wow Records. Did you notice Natural Sound is moving out, Alphaville is gone, oh and the Lobo's a god damn church? So, where's the party at?

Urban Outfitters.

Don't worry guys.

Bringing in a Corporate Whore Box doesn't change the unique, independent vibe of a 'hood. It's all cool.

Fuck the independents! Punk Rock!

Where else can I buy an over-priced, ironic t-shirt made in Sri Lanka?

I'm holding out for Black Maria to open up the American Appeal next door. ya!

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