Mrs. Warren’s Profession 2.0: Feb. 2-25, Aux Dog Theatre

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Friday and Saturday: 8PM
Sunday: 2PM

Mrs. Warren’s Profession 2.0 is set in the Summer of 2016 on the East Coast, USA and features an outstanding cast of veteran actors: Bridget Kelly, Abby Van Gerpen, Phil Shortell, Scott Sharot, Dean Eldon Squibb and Nick Pippin. The production is stage managed by Edward Carrion.

In Shaw’s 1894 play, banned for almost 30 years by a Lord Chamberlain who condemned it for being “immoral and improper”, a clever young woman rejects her mother when she discovers that her expensive school and Ivy League education have been paid for by her mother’s immoral earnings from running a string of continental brothels. Shaw’s controversial play about prostitution and economic deprivation has been updated to our times and the social commentary is just as controversial now as it was in the early 1900s.

While Mr. Yde’s adaptation follows the general outline of Shaw’s play, there are departures which take the audience into themes which explore issues specific to 21st century subject matter. Spoiler Alert!!

´╗┐Mrs. Warren leads a double life, not so much a prostitute, more a businesswoman, a CEO of sorts. The production tells the story of Vivie Warren’s discovery of her mother’s line of work – prostitution and that young woman’s search to discover the identity of her father. This adaptation updates this historically taboo play squarely into the moral dilemmas of contemporary society.

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